Anne Moody Research Paper

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Daughter of a sharecropper, Anne Moody soon at a young age came to the realization that her skin color made her part of the inferior race, inferior to the white race and subject to the control and merciless power of the white society and government. As a child after her father abandoned her mother, Moody live in continuous poverty. Poverty caused her mother sincere depression and planted a seed of bitterness in little five year old Moody.”Mama cried all night.” Stated Anne Moody. Throughout little Moody’s childhood, she only remembered her mom crying and depressed because she didn’t have enough to provide for her kids, or no man to help take care of the family. As like today back then it was very hard for a single mother. In little Moody’s…show more content…
What confused Moody even more was when she saw that she had white cousins. At Least they appeared to be white. “I stood dead in my tracks with my mouth wide open as the two white boys jumped when alberta called.” said Moody. Moody figured they were white, but she was wrong. Society chose who was white and who was not. Growing up little Moody depended on the money she made working for white families. The money she got from them was vital to her life. “The three dollars I made a week kept us from being hungry at school.”stated Anne. Blacks depended on whites for everything they needed, because without the money from the white people,black people couldn’t accomplish anything. Although black slaves were freed, they were really held down to the point where slavery might have been better option. As to being free and poor, black people starved to death, while living on a plantation food was provided for them. Race was a major setback in little Moody’s life. She was never afforded the nice clothes and food that white had due to her being in continuous poverty. She also learned how society was made to fit the needs of the “superior race” the white race and that race
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