Anne Moody Thesis

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“Coming of Age in Mississippi” is an autobiography about the life of African America civil rights activist Anne Moody (Essie Mae). Moody narrates her childhood in Mississippi through her college years in New Orleans and her involvements in the major historical civil right movements. The autobiography details the challenges and the injustices faced by African Americans particularly in the southern states. In this historical autobiography, Moody jeopardize her and her family 's life to end the oppression of African Americans. She also presents her participation in the most important civil right movement like famous the Woolworth 's sit-in and other demonstrations. Anne Moody got the opportunity to work besides black empowerment leaders such …show more content…

Throughout the book, Moody narrates the difference between and her mother’s way of thinking which signifies their generation gap. Anne mood’s mother, Toosweet Davis (Mama) led a challenging life of inequality and suppression. Just like many African Americans of her generation, Mrs. Davis fears to protest for justice and equality. Similarly, Toosweet lacked the confidence to stand up against her husband family. After witnessing this, Moody showed the lack of respect for her mother’s actions of belittling herself. Toosweet was always competing with her husband’s family. She always had the urge to prove that she as a dark skinned African American can get involve in social aspects of any kind as light skinned African American can. Even though moody and mother constantly disagree, Toosweet encouraged her daughter to succeed in school. But at the same time out of concern, she limited her daughter to participate in civil movement Moody 's mother was constantly bearing children despite living in poverty. Throughout the book, moody never seems to understand behind her mother 's life choices. This was one of the reasons that drove Moody to succeed in her academic achievement and go against her mother wishes and get involved in civil rights movements. For moody, her mother was a reminder of what her future would be if she didn’t thrive for change in her community. After becoming an active member of the NAACP, Toosweet used to get threats from local sheriff that moody must not return to …show more content…

Anne Moody has gained major life lessons by working as a maid for white families at an early age. She has learned the power of race and how white people lives were different from the blacks. Linda Jean and Mrs. Clairborne treated moody like a family. In fact, she used to dine with them at the same table. On the other hand, Mrs. Burke treated Moody with hatred and jealousy. As a result, Moody got the opportunity to understand that not all white people see blacks as an inferior race. The other woman who played an important role was Mrs. Rice. Mrs. Rice was one of Moody’s teachers in high school who introduced her to the idea of African-American movement and the

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