Anne Moody's Coming Of Age In Mississippi

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"Coming of age in Mississippi" is an autobiography of Anne Moody, Essie Mae the original name, explaining a story about the black people called African American and their problems faced by being black in the southernmost part of the States, not any other countries but it 's the United States of America. The author of the book has fragmented this book in 4 parts. The first part is all about her Childhood, second about her life in High School, third about her College life and the final is about the Movement she joined. Probably, it was the time period after the World War II and it was too many years black people got many rights as white used to. But also there was discriminating mind of people in the Southern part of USA which is till now more religious. The only woman who raised the voice against racial discrimination in the southern America was, Anne Moody. She was mostly influenced to be an active worker for civil rights from her own living society. Anne along with her family used to live in the Mr. Carter 's plantation, the white American, where many black people called Negroes were kept as slavery. A family had to adjust in a single room where there lived Anne, her sister, brother, father and her mother. As the day began darkening, all of them had to make the plantation …show more content…

While she was working at Core office in Canton, she faced lots of problems like being kicked out from the job. Moreover, many African Americans were deprived of using voting right. Whenever she started joining the march and conducting rally, she was kept in the blacklist. That made her too much thoughtful about herself and the family. During her break time in New Orleans, Anne got to know about the assassination of then president of the USA John F. Kennedy in Texas. There was also lots of difficulties for African American people of New Orleans to use their voting rights. When she was graduated, she got chance to go Washington DC to raise the voice against racial

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