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“Kindred Spirits”: Examining the nuances and themes of Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery A comparative analysis of the abridged and unabridged versions of the novel “God’s in heaven, all’s right with the world.”, Anne’s last words as the novel ends and she looks to a bright future. Standing in stark contrast to how the story of Anne began, this sentence aptly captures in words the emotion one feels after reading this novel. For this essay, we will consider the story of Anne by comparing two versions of the same novel, the first being the unabridged original version published in 1908 by Canadian writer, Lucy Maud Montgomery. The latter is an abridged version that was adapted by Archie Oliver almost a hundred years later in 2007. In understanding…show more content…
Beginning with a prosaic description of Mrs. Rachel, a nosy and opinionated woman who Montgomery describes beautifully and also mockingly at the same time, the reader is led to believe that she is in fact the protagonist of the story. However, it is a pleasant surprise as the pages go by as we discover that Mrs Rachel is only the neighbour of the main characters who live in Green Gables. On the other hand, Oliver in his abridged version completely skips over this characteristic descriptive style. Scenes that cover entire chapters in the original are conveniently compressed into bite size readings of a page or two. However, despite the obvious lack of details in the abridged version, Oliver’s writing is commendable as he managed to stay true to the tone and mood of the…show more content…
In conclusion, it is clear to the reader that Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery has remained a perennial favourite because of its spunky heroine and late 19th century small town charm. Though not measuring up to the original, it’s abridged version by Archie Oliver is also worth noting as a well-written shortened and simplified text. While the reader initially falls in love with Anne, it is also quite clear that she grows to become a thoughtful woman. Loved by many, this character went on to inspire multiple sequels to the book, though none as compelling as the first. However, little Anne’s spirit is carried on and loved for she did not change but only grew up. In her very own

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