Anne Sexton Cinderella Compare And Contrast

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There are two different versions of “Cinderella”; there is a Walt Disney version and another version by Anne Sexton. Both of these versions are the same, but they are told to the reader differently. In both versions of the story, the authors describe a girl who was enslaved by her evil stepmother and her step sisters, who has shown jealousy towards her. However, the most important part, about the two versions of the “Cinderella” story told by Disney and Sexton is that both have different elements that are comparable and contrasting. The elements that compare and contrast both versions of the story are the plot, characters, characterization, and conflict.
The first element that compares and contrasts the story is the plot. In Disney’s version
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The stepmother has two daughters who are filled with jealousy and envy. Ever since becoming Cinderella’s stepmother, she has treated Cinderella differently than her two daughters. Cinderella was turned into a servant in her own house, and she could not do anything. When “the king of the castle invited his son to a fancy ball he said he could choose his bride”. However, when “Cinderella” wanted to go to the ball, she could not go because “she does have a suitable dress to go to the ball.” When her two mice friends named “Jacques and Gus”, made her a dress her stepsisters ripped it apart. At this point, she wants to give up; however, her “fairy godmother came, made a carriage for her out of a pumpkin, and made her dress with a glass slipper. She was beautiful. She went with the prince to the ball. Sexton’s version of “Cinderella” is told differently than Disney’s version of the story. In Saxton’s version, the story is similar to Disney’s version, but in this version it is told differently. In this version, when the father sees his two step daughters he gives them two gifts which are “jewels and gowns, but only gives Cinderella a twig” which is a part of tree. Once
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