Anne Sexton Cinderella

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Throughout generations, fairy tales have become a main influence in fantasies occurring in children and adults. It begins as a tragedy that ends with riches and happily ever after. In “Cinderella,” Anne Sexton mocks the happiness and perfection brought within the stories. She gives a whole new perspective of the famous happily ever after ending. Most of the characters in these stories are not doing so well but then by chance, become wealthy. Throughout the story there were points about terrible decisions being made, and most of the people would rather marry in riches, which is also going to extremes to get the easy life.
To get to the great affluent lifestyle that most hope to reach, would be earning it with good decisions rather than acting a part. The narrator tells of how she slept in a “sooty hearth” and “walked around looking
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The prince comes to find Cinderella, only to find her step-sister. The sister tries on the slipper, but would not fit, so she slices her foot. Sexton’s narrator claims, “That is the way with amputations/They just don’t heal up like a wish” (86, 87). How the step sisters sliced parts of their foot for the prince. This shows how blind they are when it comes to easy living. It’s almost as if Sexton’s speaker is saying how extreme measures are taken for “love.” The whole idea of the perfect lifestyle in riches with your soulmate would lead people to wish upon a star and take drastic measures.
Most of the characters in these stories are not doing so well but then by chance, becomes wealthy. Sexton’s speaker told of terrible decisions being made, and of how most people would prefer to marry into riches, and also how extreme actions will be done to get the easy life. There was many sarcasm being made in this poem about the perfect fairy tale ending. Taking the easy route to riches won’t be as fulfilling in the end as you thought it would in the
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