Anne Sexton's An Accident Of Hope

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Anne Sexton was born in Newton, Massachusetts and was raised in the town Weston. As a child, Anne Sexton’s relationship with her parents was difficult and was said to be sexually abused by her parents. Anne’s closest confidante was her maiden great-aunt because her parents were never there for her. Later on, Anne went to boarding school and then enrolled in Garland Junior College after graduation for a year (poetry foundation). Anne Sexton was a foundational leader in a ‘Confessional Movement’ through her literary works, including 45th Mercy Street, An Accident of Hope, and Live or Die. For instance, Anne Sexton ’s book 45th Mercy Street impacted a ‘Confessional Movement.’ 45th Mercy Street was written to uncover her inner feelings and…show more content…
In the book An Accident of Hope, it goes through Anne Sexton’s therapy tapes to analyze the treatment as it related to her poetry. “That's not the issue. You don't understand it. You see, if you say am I impressed with your work, yes, it's very impressive. But you keep wanting me to be more interested in your poems than in you” (Orne). The quote was said by Anne’s therapists. Anne’s therapist was trying express that she is so concerned about what others think of her work. The tapes in this book impact a ‘Confessional Movement.’ Throughout the transcripts of the tapes, Anne Sexton continuously needed her therapist to say she was doing good on her poems. However, her therapist wanted her to see the improvement on herself. Anne was so busy trying to show people her confessions that she didn't even see that she changed herself. The tapes show that she was willing to confess all of the bad things that had occurred so far in her lifetime, and how she overcame
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