The Prototype For Anne Shirley Essay

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The prototype for Anne Shirley is somewhat drawn from Montgomery’s 1905 novel titled, By the Grace of Sarah Maud which was published in the Modern Women magazine. Notably, Sarah Maud, who was freckled and is described as having a red hair, was high- spirited, thus giving the impression that Anne Shirley was slowly taking into shape at that time. As can be seen, Montgomery had given her own name to Sarah Maud, making their initials to closely resemble one another. Montgomery was L.M.M., while Sarah Maud was S.M.M. Consequently, as Gammel had explained, the character of Anne Shirley is a combination of several Annes. Anne was romantic and dreamy, the same way Evelyn Nesbit was. Likewise, she was like Charity Anne who was eager to be loved and…show more content…
Montgomery, written by Irene Gammel, presented essays about the personal correspondences of the author and several photographs that show the readers of a glimpse at the life of Montgomery. The book includes an introduction for every chapter, in order to inform the readers of the subject of that particular chapter. It was divided into four parts, namely the: “Staging the Bad Girl, “Confessions and Body Writing”, “Writing for an Intimate Audience, and “Where Life Writing Meets Fiction”. Part 1 explains the friendships that Montgomery developed with Nora Lefurgey and a fan named Isobel. Next, Part 2 talks about the deepest and darkest secrets of Montgomery that are primarily centered on her mental state, sexual orientation, and her life as a married woman. Then, Part 3 focused on the way Montgomery had addressed her audience while writing her journals, in order to build a strong rapport with them. Lastly, Part 4 tackles the discussion and explanation of what Montgomery had written on her journal. Significantly, the essays and manuscripts that were used in this book were sourced out from the International L.M. Montgomery and Life Writing Symposium that was conducted by the L.M. Montgomery Institute located at the University of Prince Edward

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