Anne Wiesel's Diary Of Anne Frank '

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Diary of Anne Frank Essay There is a play and a movie about a girl named Anne Frank. It is based on her diary she wrote when she was hiding from the Nazi’s with her friends and family. She lived in a house with her mother, father, and her sister Margot. They had to move and hide to a warehouse with the Van Daans and Mr. Dussel. There were a Mrs. and Mr.Van Daan as well as their son Peter. Mr.Dussel was a dentist before the war. Anne had to go through a lot of hardship throughout her life. They were all scared of being caught by the green police and been taken to a concentration camp. She had developed a lot of emotions with her stay in hiding. She went from happy to sad and scared and save. The movie and play have some differences between them. They also have a lot of similarities. The play and the movie are based on Anne 's diary it has a lot of similarities since it is based on the same the same thing. The movie introduces the green police taking them away at the end of the movie as well as the story. In both the book and the movie talks about a thief who broke into the warehouse and stole…show more content…
Even though the movie and the play is based on Anne’s diary there is a small amount of differences between them. Like when Peeters cat peed on the floor .and it started to bleed through the floor that event only happens in the movie but not the Play. I think they added this because they wanted to make the movie just a little bit interesting. Another difference is in the book Mr. Van Daan stole food from the food bin and Mrs. Frank caught him and started yelling at him to leave and not to come back. I think they added this, but not in the movie because there is so much other things and events. Another difference in the movie but not in the play was when Mr.Frank went to check if there was a robber Mrs.Van Daan got scared and went poop in a basket in front of everyone. In the movie and the play there are many differences because you can’t add everything in the play or
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