Anne Writin's 'The Secret Annex'

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Anne was a terrific writer, her story was told with so much detail that you felt like you were in the “Secret Annex” with her. She included important things such as her emotions, as well as the emotions of those around her.

Anne’s story was told best by her and no one else because she was, in fact, a young girl hiding from Hitler’s army. Not many people can say they did this in their lifetime. Anne was so full of hope, and her hope is what I believe kept her alive for the two years in hiding, up until her family was captured. Shortly after being discovered, her mother, and older sister, Margot, died. When they passed away, Anne began to lose hope. Once she lost all hope, she soon passed away, only weeks before the war came to an end. Anne saw the good in life, and she was completely honest about her views of things, and life in general, with her diary. Because of this honesty with her diary, we know exactly what she was thinking and how she felt about Hitler, and the war.
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Anne specifically wrote in her diary about how she wanted to become a writer, she believed that, with some work, she could accomplish this goal. Shortly after Anne’s death, Otto Frank, her father, had her famous diary published. “The Diary of a Young Girl” by Anne Frank went on to sell millions of copies in 67 different languages. Anne Frank left behind a beautiful legacy, that is still being read
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