Annemarie And Ellen Compare And Contrast

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The similar and differences between Annemarie and Ellen Annemarie and Ellen are best friends, they know each other for a long time. However, at some point they are very similar but at some point they are so differences. Annemarie is a lucky girl who can run really fast, however Ellen is a stocky girl who could not run really fast. Annemarie have 2 sisters which is Lise and Kirsti and she is the second youngest in her family. For Ellen, she was the only child in her family. For their family, Annemarie is christian but Ellen is Jewish. Annemarie had a silvery blond hair however Ellen only had a dark hair color which was also pretty. Annemarie really love running and she’s good at it, however, Ellen didn’t like it, Ellen love acting and play. Also, when they met the German soldier, Annemarie was brave to talk with the German soldier, when the soldier asked her the questions, she clearly answer it and sometimes lie to the soldiers. However, for Ellen, probably because of she’s Jewish so when we met the German soldier she was scared and not that brave.…show more content…
They have the same age and they are in the same school. They were all good students when they were in the school. They are also good at acting, when Mama hurt her ankle so she could not move, she gave Annemarie a huge and significant mission which was put the package under the breakfast and gave it to Uncle Henrik. Mama told her to act like a little girl, because that’s the easiest way. Annemarie did a great job, her acting was really good, so she gave the package to Uncle Henrik safety. Annemarie and Ellen all have their personality but at some point they are really
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