Annette C. Baier's Justice And Care

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Caring for others has for a long time been seen as something that just a woman does. Rather than a man because in this society they are taught to be macho, and not show that they have feelings, or that anything bothers them. Although I do not agree with this we can see now that our society is changing and evolving and even philosophers have now begun to realize that justice now has a caring aspect to it. I completely agree with this reasoning and Annette C. Baier brings discusses many philosophers to prove her point. Annette Baier discusses justice and care in an interesting way and she does so by distinguishing between the justice perspective of people like Kant and Rawls as well as what Gillian’s perspective about care. Baier also touches on the justice perspective and discusses the “inadequate” as a moral theory. This shows inequalities between people, it has an unrealistic view of freedom of choice, and it ignores the importance of moral emotions such as love. However, she also says that the best moral theory, she claims, is one that harmonizes justice and care. She goes on to also explain the theory of moral development which has two dimensions. First is to aim at achieving satisfying community with others and the second is to aim at autonomy or equality of power. Baier also gives the example of childrearing and how it is usually women who disagree with this method because of “justice perspectives”. Another issue that arises is the difference between the justice and
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