Annette Nursing Case

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Case Study
Occupational Profile Annette is a 59-year-old female, who was independent with mobility, ADLS, and iADLS before she was admitted to an acute care hospital (Prizio, n.d.). Annette has many roles, including: wife, mother, friend, and museum greeter (Prizio, n.d.). Annette enjoys cooking, cleaning, reading, knitting, and crocheting (Prizio, n.d.). For her social life, Annette spends time with her two grandchildren, dines out with her husband, and watches movies with friends (Prizio, n.d.).
Annette’s reason for admittance at the hospital is an overall weakness, flu-like symptoms, and difficulty with breathing (Prizio, n.d.). She is diagnosed with diabetic acidosis, left upper lobe pneumonia, and a bacterial infection (Prizio, n.d.). Unfortunately, her condition becomes worse. Annette’s right lung collapses, her heart rate is irregular, and she has an episode of unresponsiveness that leads to mechanical ventilation (Prizio, n.d.). Annette has challenges weaning off the mechanical ventilation, which resulted in the placement of a tracheostomy and percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube (Prizio, n.d.). She is transferred to a long-term care facility for intravenous antibiotics, ventilator weaning, and rehabilitation (Prizio, n.d.). Annette’s goals by
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More specifically, Annette is a59-year-old female living in a 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom two-story home with an office and attached garage (Prizio, n.d.). Annette’s temporal context includes her status as an older adult. At her age, Annette may experience deviations in mental function and sensory function (Glover & Wright, 2013). Thus, healthcare professionals should be aware that Annette may have trouble hearing or processing information. It is vital to speak clearly and ensure Annette can comprehend the conversation-- as health care professionals should do with every
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