Annex Room: A Narrative Analysis

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NUMBER 3: Even though Anne can occasionally act a little overboard when it comes to being goofy, she still can put a smile on almost everyone’s faces. Anne completes these tasks in every possible way she can consider: teasing Peter in the beginning, taking at least one object from every person, and making every person a present out articles around the annex room. As a result of those things, Anne has been keeping the people in the annex room on their feet. To start off with the first one, on page 779, Anne had just come out of Peter’s “room” after feeding Mouschi his dinner, wearing a few of Peter’s clothes. Anne says proceedings that just causes Peter to become irate; nevertheless, the generality laugh considering it is true. She says something along the lines of this: “Good evening, everyone. Forgive me if I don’t stay.…show more content…
Once Peter asked Anne if she had seen them, she answers in an innocent voice; furthermore, he figures out that she has them. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Anne says. “You’re going to be sorry!” Peter goes on. “Am I?” Anne is saying. Subsequently, Peter goes after her. Anne hides behind her mother. When Peter gets to Anne, he goes for the shoes evoking them to fall to the floor. They lay there laughing. This gives Peter a happy moment in the few weeks they have been in the annex room. To point out the last reason, starts on page 803-806, Anne decided to make gifts for all the people in the annex. The list of presents contains a crossword puzzle, with the writing rubbed off; a bottle of shampoo, made with “all the odds and ends of soap and the last of Anne’s toilet water”; Cigarettes; an IOU card; a muffler, or a scarf; a ball of paper with a string around it; two capsules, or otherwise known as earplugs. This brings joy to everyone’s faces. Over all, Anne has both influenced their lives and made them better human
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