Annexation Of Mexico Dbq Essay

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The cry of war was heard between two nations that continually fought for land. Different boundaries are being claimed between America and Mexico for the fight of Texas, but the result is the increasing number of the dead. The United states chose to start the annexation of Texas. Mexico was angry with this unfair request. American troops were sent to southern Texas to only result in meeting the same set of foes. Gun shots were heard as U.S. troops and Mexican troops fought. As a result, James Polk, the president of the United States at the time, declared war on Mexico. The U.S. was not justified into going into war with Mexico because the Annexation of Texas and California was unofficial, Texas unfairly changed its borders after winning its…show more content…
was not justified into going into war with Mexico was that the Annexation of Texas was unofficial. “From Mexico’s point of view, the annexation of Texas was inadmissable for both legal and security reasons.” (Marquez 327). This quote shows that Mexico viewed this annexation as an unofficial and unfair act against the government and citizens of Mexico. Polk’s act of extending borders to California was also seen as unfair because that land belonged to Mexico. Anglo-Saxons are already moving into California and building schools, buildings, and houses. (Sullivan 323). This information shows that Anglo-Saxons are settling into California which is Mexican land. “Thus, when the Mexican government learned of the treaty signed between Texas and the United States in April 1844, it…. Would consider such an act “a declaration of war.” (Marquez 327) This direct quote shows that Mexico is angry that the U.S. is taking more land. In the daily El Tiempo stated that the American government came as a traveler and then acted like a robber (Marquez 327). This information shows that that the American government came and stole from Mexico. The annexation of Texas was inadmissable and unofficial. Later, Texas also unfairly changed its
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