Similarities Between Annias And Sapphira

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Ananias and Sapphira: Would they have made an impact to the church if they didn't sin?

In the book of Acts, talks about the couple Ananias and Sapphira who wanted to follow the example of Joseph, a Levite from Cyprus, whom Apostles called Barnabas who sold his possessions and brought the money and put it on the apostle’s feet. They wanted to do the same thing, however kept a portion of the proceeds. Peter told Ananias and his wife why they lied to the Holy Spirit?. The bible says, after they heard this, they fell down and died. Because of this event, Great fear has seized the whole church and all who heard about it. Now the question lies If they didn't commit the sin would they impact the church?. The answer is No because, of their way of thinking. At the time, their Heart was not in God. They were filled with selfish pride and wanted honor and recognition. If the lovely couple had not sinned, they would have not made an impacted to the church. According to sources, they were not believers who were one mind, one heart in Jesus. According to the bible, it described him as “Now a man named Ananias” or “certain man, Ananias” (Acts 5:1) which means, that there is a possibility that he was not a believer. He just wanted to imitate Barnabas so that he can be famous. In the book of Acts, it says All
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They wanted more acceptance from the church, they wanted to be praised by men. If they didn't commit the sin they will still have the mindset of wanting more for themselves rather than focusing on God and repent. Which is a lesson for all of us today that lying to the Holy Spirit or God is a serious offence. Christians or non Christians, we suffer the consequence of sin because God cannot be with Sin. They cannot mix. Of course, we fall short of the glory of God but, if you repent you will be forgiven by the grace of God and our sins washed by Jesus
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