Annie Dillard's Essay 'Living Like Weasels'

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"Living Like Weasels", an essay by Annie Dillard, interprets the author 's encounter with a weasel and her precise determination on the way a human lives by choice against the weasel 's life of necessity. While the weasel fights for survival, Dillard infers that the weasel has much more freedom than a human who lives by choice.In "Living Like Weasels", the weasel represents free will;"the weasel has no ties to responsibility as humans do". Although the weasel lives out of necessity and survival, Dillard assumes that, unlike humans, the weasel truly has freedom.

Dillard says she was astonished by a weasel. "They both caught eyes and for a moment were intertwined with one another". She was thinking what the weasel was thinking and the weasel

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