Annie Hobbitt Research Paper

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In 1965, a small time family with big time dreams are caught up in the biggest drug smuggling operation in United States history. The family includes Jeff and Annie Hobbitt, as well as their two children, Bobbi and Georgia Hobbitt. The Hobbitt’s smuggled drugs from Mexico on numerous occasions before Georgia was pulled over by Texas State Troopers in 1968 in which she began to believe that their big time operation was under fire; thus, her father, the chemist, began manufacturing crack cocaine. Jeff contributed to five other states for crack cocaine, his son and daughter collected the money, while transporting the merchandise back and forth from the surrounding states. Annie, the mother and wife, created a large barrier around their lab by purchasing razor wire fencing and planted numerous trees around the area for camouflage. Meanwhile, Annie used the remainder of the illegal money to keep the family well fed and happy. The family lived a good life, until 1970 when a New York mob boss heard wind of the operation and called Jeff, wanting to purchases a half of a million dollars in cocaine.

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