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Annie Jean Easley was born April 23, 1933 to Mary Melvina Hoover and Samuel Bird Easley, in Birmingham Alabama. She was raised, along with her older brother, by a single mom. Annie attended schools in Birmingham and graduated high school valedictorian of her class. Throughout high school Annie wanted to be a nurse because she thought that the only careers that were open to African American women at the time were nursing and teaching and she definitely did not want to teach so she settled on being a nurse but as she studied in high school she began thinking about becoming a pharmacist. Annie had the support and encouragement that she needed from her mother to continue on to study at Xavier University, which at the time was an African-American …show more content…

Later in the 1970s she worked on energy problems examining the damage done to the ozone layer. During this time she created and used computer programs that worked to determine solar wind and were also used to solve problems of energy monitoring and conversions, including technologies for wind power and solar energy. Another assignment she has included researching the life use of storage batteries like those used in electric utility vehicles. Her computer applications are used to identify energy conversion systems that offer the improvement over commercially available technologies. Easley retired in 1989 though some sources say it was 1991. There is an interview stored in the National Aeronautics’ and Space Administration Johnson Space Center Oral History Program that includes material on the history of the Civil Rights Movement, Glenn Research Center, Johnson Space Center, space flight, and the contribution of women to space flight. Annie Jean Easley died on June 25, 2011, in Cleveland Ohio form natural

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