Annie John Compare And Contrast

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When you decide that success is something you want out of life, there should be an expectation of sacrifice, as well age is no exception. Annie John is a 17 year old from Barbados, she's the main character in the story, “A Walk to the Jetty” by Jamaica Kincaid. Marita is a 12 year old from the Bronx, NY, and is the main character in the essay, “Marita's Bargain” by Malcolm Gladwell. These two girls are completely different but oddly enough the same as well. In this essay I will be justifying and or explaining why this is so.

So now let's talk differences, as I stated earlier Annie is 17 years old and from Barbados, and Marita is 12 years old, and from the Bronx, NY. Annie John is being sent to England to begin her new life as an adult, and study to be a nurse. On the other hand Marita is just starting out her life practically, she's in middle school and randomly selected to be in her school, it's a special school called KIPP, Annie John's parents set her up to go to England and study to be a nurse so she could have a better life. Another thing I would like to point out are the culture differences, on one hand you have this a girl from a tropical place like Barbados, and then you have the other girl from grimy Bronx, NY. They both experience completely different sights, smells, and culture each day of their lives.
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For example Annie's feet hang off the bed inferring that she's had the same bed since childhood, which in a way isn't that abnormal but the fact that she outgrew it and a new one wasn't bought tells me that they don't have the funds for it, also Marita shares a room with her mom, it isn't necessarily bad but it's all her mother can afford being a single mother. They also both grew apart from a close friend, Annie had grew apart from age and basally getting sick and somewhat despising her, and then in Maritas case hers was lost from
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