Annie Leibovitz's Love For Photography

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Originally Annie Leibovitz enrolled at the San Francisco Art Institute in 1967 to study painting but after a few night classes she developed a love for photography. In 1970 she began working for the magazine Rolling Stone where she started off as a staff photographer and within two years she was promoted to chief photographer and remained in that position for 10 years. She accompanied the Rolling Stones band on their 1975 international tour where she developed her technique which involved the use of bold primary colors and stunning poses. She left Rolling Stone in 1983 where she began working for Vanity Fair another famous magazine and there a number of Vanity Fair covers have featured her amazing and question raising photographs. She also began to work on a number of advertising campaigns in the late 1980s. Annie Leibovitz has a very time consuming and beautiful process that helps her get the perfect shot that she is looking for. She spends so much time on setting things up before hand and making sure its perfect before she begins taking the pictures. Deciding the background, setting up the background, setting up the camera, getting the person ready are all things that she does in her process. Then deciding what she wants in the picture and what she doesn't want and its all very time consuming…show more content…
Her work really speaks to people on some level or another that gets them excited, sad, or even questioning the work itself. The meaning of her work is different for each person and each piece of work itself but beautiful work nonetheless. From what i have read about her and from the video we watched about her i say that she is an amazing person that has grown and built on her work for herself and for her audience. I hope to see some more of her work sometime in the future just to see her creativity that she already has but probably built more on top of
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