Annie Merr Alternate Ending Essay

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The Thing

It 's been 3 months since Annie Merr disappeared from the quiet little town of Easthallow. It 's been three weeks since old Charles Bradley was thrown into the town jail for her murder.
You see, Annie Merr was a quiet girl, around the age of 17. She didn 't have any enemies; everyone in that town loved her and her family for they were intelligent and always pleasant to whoever was to cross their path. Easthallow wasn’t much as far as size goes, but the people who inhabited it were always softhearted and kind. That 's why, when Annie Merr disappeared, everyone was sure she must have run away. No one local would ever do such a thing to sweet Annie Merr. That 's when Charles Bradley started acting really funny, according to the
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Charles Bradley sat huddled in the corner of the county jail, rocking back and forth. He couldn’t stand being in this cold, dark place. He guessed it was probably better than being exposed to the monsters that creeped outside, however. He remembered he had been walking around aimlessly as he sometimes did, when he noticed a girl walking underneath the old oaks. It looked to him like the daughter of Fletcher Merr, though he wasn’t for sure. He went on his way, paying no mind to her. That’s when he heard the high-pitched scream from her direction. He looked just in time to see the worse thing he had ever laid his eyes on. It was dark and scaly, walking on four thin legs. It looked scrawny, but it must’ve been strong, judging by the way it carried her right off her feet. Charles watched on, too scared to move a muscle. His legs twitched and wavered, he was sure he would collapse if he even tried to run. Just like that, the creature ran off awkwardly, carrying that poor girl’s body between its sharp teeth. He stood a moment in shock, hardly believing what he saw. He kept trying to tell himself it was all just an illusion. He couldn’t tell anyone what it was he had seen. They’d think he was crazy for sure. He went home as his legs
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