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Annie Oakley Have you ever been sharpshooting? Well Annie Oakley was the youngest sharpshooter and the best sharpshooter of her time. Annie Oakley isn’t her real name, Phoebe Ann Moses is her real name. She was born in Darke County, Ohio. Born on August 13, 1860 , she had 6 brothers and sisters. Her parents names are Susan and Jacob Moses . She was a self-taught sharpshooter. She was from a poor family so she went to go work at an infirmary (which is an orphanage) and that is where she went to school and learned how to sew. When Annie was 15 she was in a competition. She was going up against another very good sharpshooter named Frank Butler and she beat him. Later they got married . soon they joined The Sells Brothers Circus together

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