Annie Proulx's 55 Miles To The Gas Pump

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“Social relationships are central to human well-being and are critically involved in the maintenance of health” (Andrew Steptoe). And while some are able to cope, in many instances the majority of extreme isolation cases has caused more harm than good. In short story “55 Miles to the Gas Pump” by Annie Proulx, clearly shows the mental and physical effects of living in an isolated area and what it can do to unstable lonely minds.

Common sense, the most vital rule taught since birth are easily neglected. Stated in article "Solitary Confinement.", one of the most important reasons why, “Extreme solitary confinement combines physical and emotional discomfort…A factor that psychologists argue is a major factor in driving people to insanity” (Ed. K. Lee Lerner). Those who have been forcefully desolated affect many aspects of their life, to name a few, such as emotions, behaviors, and logic. Vindictive actions
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Mr. Croom was described as a man with stray hairs, a filthy hat, and homemade boots who spent his time drunk. The physical appearance of Mr. Croom indicates his isolation. In mainstream society people often care about their appearance and often take great strides to not draw attention to themselves by being well kempt: As psychiatric expert David Sawer, PhD declares:
"Whether we admit it or not, appearance matters in our culture…Our society often idealizes attractive people. Research shows that those who are attractive typically receive preferential treatment across their life span.” (Center for Human Appearance at Penn: The Psychology of Appearance).
Being insensitive to the suffering of these individuals is a very important issue since the lack of interpersonal connections cause the victims to then accumulate more stress on their appearance that has led to many physical inducing symptoms. Eating disorders being the most common, its strain effect both physically and
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