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Amit Bhat Ms. Dinh English 9 Honors, Period 6 17 November 2015 Change Annotated Bibliography "All About Butterflies." University of Kentucky: College of Agriculture, 26 Aug. 2015. Web. 12 Nov. 2015. . In the website, “All About Butterflies’, the University of Kentucky explains many aspects and facets of a butterfly’s life, including habits and terms related to butterflies. The University of Kentucky describes the life cycle of a butterfly, some butterfly activities and features of the butterfly as well as vocabulary related to it. The author(s) clearly defines each aspect of the report and, to show what kinds of plants that butterflies like to eat, cites a study conducted by the University of Kentucky on the type of zinnia cultivars…show more content…
Monarch Butterfly Winter Migration. Discovery Channel. Discovery Channel, n.d. Web. 12 Nov. 2015. . In the online video, “Monarch Butterfly Winter Migration“, Discovery Channel explains how monarch butterflies spend their winter months migrating to the south and then going into hibernation in the tree-stocked areas that they migrated to. The narrator explains why the conditions in these areas are perfect for the hibernating butterflies as well as the dangers of living in the area. Monarch butterflies, during hibernation, are exposed both to predators that want to eat them as well as the harsh, unforgiving winter frost that creeps along during the night. This video is helpful to my research because it explains several dangers that butterflies have to face, which leads to decreases in the overall monarch butterfly population. For example, the narrator states, “[The birds] kill hundreds of thousands of butterflies and dislodge many more” (Monarch Butterfly Winter

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