Annotated Bibliography: Immigration Separating Families

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Annotated Bibliography Assignment: Immigration Separating Families Citation: Brabeck, Kalina M., M. Brinton Lykes, and Rachel Hershberg. "Framing immigration to and deportation from the United States: Guatemalan and Salvadoran families make meaning of their experiences." Community, Work & Family 14.3 (2011): 275-296. This article is about how The United States deportation system has very harsh policies and they were adopted in 1996. Ever since non-citizens from Mexico and Central have been forced to leave. Large amount of people have been sent back to their country. Little did the authorities know the great impact that it was causing families. Organizations are creating papers with interviews from families and how the deportation laws have…show more content…
They way that the separation becomes in between their cultures and communication. How complex relationships get with they are being million of miles apart from their family members. The stress that occurs and all the economic problems that happen with a family being separated. This is from organizations having a foundation for those that need to help to get their life back together. In my personal opinion I think that them making a foundation to help out others is amazingly awesome. Things will happen, sadly families will be separated and it helps to know that someone will lend you a hand. It might seem like all those problems aren’t anything, but imagine being the man of the house and supporting your family, and all of the sudden you get taken away. Who will work to take food to the table? Young children would have to drop out of school to help out; all it brings is conflicts. This article can be used in favor of immgration to show the great impact that it causes to families and the conflicts that come with it. That is country isn’t bad as many racist people make it seem; there are actually people that are kind hearted and understand our feelings. Even though they might be citizens and rich they aren’t like the president, they help out. It shows how much we care and the difference we are trying to…show more content…
This article is about experiments and anaysis that have been done with children that have been separated from one or both parents. How hard it is to live without your parents and how complicated things get. Studies show that nearly three quartes of adolescents have been separated from one or both parents for extended periods. Results from general linear model anayses indicate that children whom are separated from their parents are more likely to report symptoms of anxiety and depression. I love the fact that they are doing analyses because this proves that they are harming children but taking parents. This can affect them in the long goal, they will have a low self-esteem about theirselves and this can even lead up to suidcide. Why pretend that schools in the United States are a good support. When bullying occurs in all the schools. People are so cold hearted that bulling, a student for not having his parents is most likely to
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