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Rudolfo Anaya –BIOGRAPHY
On October 30, 1937, Rudolfo Anaya was born in the town of Pastura, New Mexico. He attended the school of Santa Rosa and a few years later decided to move to Albuquerque where he finished high school. He graduated with an English and Psychology degree from the New Mexico University. In 1963, he received a B.A. in English, in 1968 a M.A. in English and in 1972 a M.A. in guidance and counseling. In 1966, he got marry to Patricia Lawless.
He was a professor for seven years in the Albuquerque high school and he also was the director of counseling at the University of Albuquerque. In the University of New Mexico he was the associate professor and later professor of English. Rudolfo retired and has emeritus status at the University of Albuquerque.
Rudolfo started to write when he was in college, and after that his wife encouraged him to pursue a carrier on writing. When Bless Me Ultima was published, he decided to enter the English program at the University of New Mexico as a professor.

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The movement was occurring during the time this book was being publish. The movement was happening in political, economic, and cultural spheres which affirmed the value of Latino experience and protested the discrimination Latino were suffering. The book Bless me Ultima was the first novel to rejoice this powerful movement. This book mention the Mexican Americans heritage in New Mexico and the Spanish conquistadores, the Aztecs, and the Comanche. The book also mention the llano which was rich in the history of the vaqueros, descendants of the Spanish conquistadores. It despite the life of a roman catholic, a roman catholic who must learn how to reconcile the doctrines of Catholicism with the religion of the people who inhabited the land before the Christians came. Anaya also gives voice to the diversity and richness of Latino heritage in this
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