Annotated Bibliography: Child Hunger And Health

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Kirkpatrick, Sharon I., Lynn McIntyre, and Melissa L. Potestio. "Child hunger and long-term adverse consequences for health." Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine 164.8 (2010): 754-762. Child hunger is a huge problem, and can have a huge consequence on your personal health. Sharon Kirkpatrick held a study to see how child hunger effects health later in life. According to the results, children have higher odds of developing chronic conditions, and asthma if they have seen multiple episodes of hunger. Kirkpatrick continues to conclude that children with hunger problems have poorer health, and multiple cases of hunger is “particularly toxic”. This source contains very valuable information about how hunger effects children and how that…show more content…
This will show that children with food insecurity are mostly in low income homes. One fact that I did not know about was that family stress has an effect on child hunger. Using this information that I have gathered from this article will only make my claim stronger.

Altman, Miriam, T. GB Hart, and Peter T. Jacobs. "Household food security status in South Africa." Agrekon 48.4 (2009): 345-361. Understanding the difference between the amount of child hunger in the United States and other parts of the world is very important. Miriam Altman uncovers the truth about child hunger in South Africa. Altman’s purpose is to uncover the problems that there are in the world starting with child hunger. Data supported that food insecurity is much more prevalent in poorer countries compared to the United States. Child hunger is a worldwide problem that is more prevalent in less fortunate countries. Being able to compare the numbers of hungry children in one country versus another is very important. This will give the reader a geographical picture in their head on where child hunger is seen. By seeing where child hunger is will provide information that can be used to show that this is a problem that needs to be
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Nancy Cotunga provides many solutions, and gives reasons why they either fail or succeed. By giving a solution to the reader, they will be able to understand that the problem of child hunger is very important, and how much more there can be done to solve it. Child hunger is a problem that must be acknowledged because there is a real solution.

Kirkpatrick, Sharon I., and Valerie Tarasuk. "Food insecurity and participation in community food programs among low-income Toronto families." Canadian Journal of Public Health/Revue Canadienne de Sante 'e Publique (2009): 135-139. Participation among the community is a huge factor in the fight against child hunger. With more food programs available to the hungry children, they will have a higher chance of being able to have a good supply of food. Sharon Kirkpatrick, and Valerie Tarasuk examine these strategies that put into place when food insecurity hits. Kirkpatrick found that nearly two thirds of low income families in Canada experienced food insecurity. This information about the communities helping with food programs is great news. This shows that while food insecurity is still a huge problem, there are still people who are trying to fix it. This information gives me another perspective on the social issue. Using this information in my text will allow me to compare food insecurity in certain
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