Annotated Bibliography: Deforestation And Drought By Jim Robbins

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A Proposal & Annotated Bibliography Although there are positive impacts and effects of Deforestation so that we gain more land to cultivate crops and fed thousands of people, I claim that Deforestation can cause negative effect to the people and other living flora and fauna because due to deforestation nature is experiencing serious drought that directly causes negative impact on the people and the natural ecosystem, it causes global warming which is one of the serious environmental issues in the present context and causes soil erosions like landslide, floods etc that directly concern with the health and safety issue of wildlife as well as peoples.

Annotated Bibliography
Robbins, Jims. “Deforestation and Drought’. New York Times, 9 Oct.2015.Web. 13 Apr.2017.

In the article “Deforestation and Drought” author Jim Robbins explains the effects of deforestations that causes serious drought in the amazon rain forest that impacted not only the Brazil but also the far away as California, Texas and New Mexico.The article is published in 2015 by New York Times Magazine.The author of this article is credible because of his contributions to the New York Times as an environmental article writer and he is also the author of the famous book “The man who planted trees”.He has written several articles that are published in the New York Times. He has published four books including the former one. Therefore, I think Jim Robbins is a credible author for this article. I am using

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