Annotated Bibliography: Jefferson Davis In The Civil War

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Annotated Bibliography Staff. (2009, January 01). Jefferson Davis. Retrieved April 25, 2016, from There is no specific author of this article; however the contributors were the staff at This article gives a detailed account of Davis 's life from beginning to end. It highlights the years leading up to his presidency. I will mostly use this article to portray how Davis 's personality got in the way of a successful revolution. This piece is different compared to my other sources due to the vast amount of history and detail in not only Jefferson Davis 's life but the life of many Confederate leaders. Jefferson Davis in The Civil War. (2008, February 11). Retrieved April 25, 2016, from…show more content…
Jefferson Davis President. (2014). Retrieved April 25, 2016, from There is no specific author for this article. This article gives a report of Davis 's upbringing and how his childhood and early years affected his view on the war. It also states a lot of political views and actions of Davis. I used this article to discuss Davis’s political causes. This article is different than the other due to its bias towards the Confederate cause. Why the South Lost the Civil War - Cover Page: February '99 American History Feature HistoryNet. (1999, September 18). Retrieved April 25, 2016, from There was no specific author to this article; it was a collection of many historian 's opinions of Jefferson Davis and the outcome of the Civil War. It was a collection of pieces on why the South lost the war. I used the pieces that specifically named Davis as examples of some of the mishaps and bad decisions that were made during the war. This is different than the other pieces because it gives many different opinions on why the south
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