Annotated Bibliography Of Aesop's 'The Fox And The Grapes'

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Annotated Bibliography Question: How has different works of literature impacted and mirrored our culture over the course of time? Frank, Anne. Anne Frank: the diary of a young girl. Trans. B.M. Mooyaart. Glenview, IL: Scott Foresman Addison Wesley, 2001. Print. Anne Frank and her family spent over two years hiding from the Nazis during World War II. Anne was around the age of fourteen when she and seven other people had to leave their daily lives and live in a small space just to avoid being killed during this period. Anne Frank’s diary was written with journal-like entries, which started the day she received the diary and ended a couple of years before the war was over. Everyone in the "Secret Annexe" get found by the SS which would lead to…show more content…
The Fox and the Grapes" is one of Aesop 's Fables. The short story is about a fox who sees a cluster of grapes dangling from a tree and decides to eat them to satisfy his thirst. He tries to jump and get the grapes; sadly, however they are out of reach. Eventually, the fox determines that the grapes must be sour and unhappily, walks away. Aesop narrates the fable through third-person point of view and allows this to set the tone and mood of the story, while helping the readers understand the fox as he tries to clench the grapes. This point of view gives the fox credibility and allows you to make your own unbiased opinion of the story. This fable can be seen in the shape of our culture due to it being timeless and conveying a moral/message, instead of describing how the culture was when it was written. This story reflects the greediness of America with the ending quote being, “It is easy to despise what you cannot get.” People always desire what they cannot have, but once they realize they cannot get what they want, their human desires turn to hate. Americans hate what they cannot have, but their hatred stems from ungratified desiring. Trousdale, Gary and Kirk Wise, directors. Beauty and the Beast. Walt Disney Studios,

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