Air Pollution In Saudi Arabia

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Of Air Pollution in Saudi Arabia
Research paper (Bhola, Luisa, & Ojha, 2010) in this book talks about Air Pollution Health and Environmental impacts. The introduction of Air pollution it is the biological materials are in the atmosphere that they may cause harm to human beings as well as to animals and the environment. Indoor air composition has a huge impact on our health and air quality of life. The rapid population growth as well as demanding for increased energy are the primary things that causes large amount of harmful materials pollutants and greenhouse gases to be released into the atmosphere, in doing so causing human health and the environmental consequences. Over the past few decades progress has
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(2015). Air pollution In Saudi Arabia. Article. Air pollution definition is that any substance that damage the environment, and the living beings. Air pollution can be known as visible and invisible. Air pollution has two types primary air pollutants and secondary pollutants. The damage that are caused by air pollution depends on the place, climate, social factors, and geography. For example, the air pollution issue in Beijing differs from the air pollution issue in Los Angeles because of regional factors especially to both places. In the other hand Saudi Arabia has a unique problem with air pollution it is because of the massive automobile industry and efforts to know the issue they must consider the cultural and places differences in order to fix this issue. According to the U.S National Park Service, they are who cares for special places such as national parks, historic locations, and open spaces, they defined the different types of pollution in their website they stated, primary pollutants are pollution sources whereas, secondary pollutants are the chemical changes in the air, which is developed by primary pollutants sources (National Parks Service). The source show that pollution drags and develops other problems. An example of indoor pollutants is cooking, and heating with biomass, in the other hand the outdoor, is the disorganized combustion of fuels for transport and power generation. Motor vehicles caused many issues to human beings and the environment.…show more content…
(2017). Practical ways to improve air quality in the built environment. Article. There are allot of impressive and marketable innovations deployed globally across the world. The built environment sector to solve air quality and assist to make our cities more cleaner and pleasant places to live and work. There are some examples to illustrate the interesting developments in this world. London’s air quality hub The New West End Company (NWEC), with its members are aiming not only to make London’s West End a more enjoyable place to work and visit but to improve air quality. “Its new business assessment to show businesses that new steps can be taken to improve air quality, from waste to construction”. For example, NWEC the New West End Company advice asking architects to design BREEAM standards and installing green base. NWEC the New West End Company are teaming with number of businesses to pilot an experiment on Bird Street, Mayfair to transform the space into streets in the world by introducing pavegen tiles, which turn Kinect energy by visitor’s footsteps into off grid energy that either be stored or used to power nearby electronics. Pavegen tiles have been also installed at Westfield’s Stratford city shopping center. In partnership with BT, LinkUK kiosks will provide wi-fi and wayfinding services. Kiosks have been successful in New York city, more that 35 million sessions logged in, according to the Estates Gazette. Another example in Rome and Tokyo clean
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