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Annotated Bibliography Strazdina, I. (2015). Displays of the sense of the humor in psychological defense system. European Scientific Journal, 1, 216. Retrieved February 13, 2018, from This paper aims to study the use of humor for psychological protection, features of different types of humor, and the impact of humor on others. It states that defense mechanisms sustain human dignity and help to cope with life 's difficulties unconsciously. Humor is association with the perception of a sign of happiness and good health. It is thought that those who have a good sense of humor can withstand difficulties and keep a lively spirit, even during difficult times. The information stated in this text will apply to the defense mechanisms paragraph of my research paper. Intertwining personal experience with research, I know that I use humor to cover up negative feelings so that others will think that I am okay. The defense mechanism that using humor to avoid negative feelings is reaction formation. In reaction formation, one behaves in the opposite way to which he or she thinks or feels. I will give personal examples of how and when I use humor, the type(s) of humor I use, and the intended impact of them. This exemplifies the “mask” that we sometimes wear to avoid confrontation of negative feelings. Munsey, C. (2006). Frisky, but more risky: High sensation-seekers ' quest for new experiences leads some to the high-stress jobs society

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