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Strazdina, I. (2015). Displays of the sense of the humor in psychological defense system. European Scientific Journal, 1, 216. Retrieved February 13, 2018, from This paper aims to study the use of humor for psychological protection, features of different types of humor, and the impact of humor on others. It states that defense mechanisms sustain human dignity and help to cope with life 's difficulties unconsciously. Humor is association with the perception of a sign of happiness and good health. It is thought that those who have a good sense of humor can withstand difficulties and keep a lively spirit, even during difficult times.

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J., Brennan, C. A., & House, A. O. (2016). Non-suicidal reasons for self-harm: A systematic review of self-reported accounts. Journal of Affective Disorders,191, 109-117. Retrieved February 13, 2018, from

In this journal, first-hand accounts of the reasons for self-harm were given by individuals who had harmed themselves and were reporting their own reasons for doing so. The method used was analysing questionnaire and survey-based studies as well as interview studies. Some of the broad reasons why people self harm are to manage stress, to distract, punishment, dissociation, sensation seeking, and averting suicide. Included in the journal is direct quotes from those interviewed of their motivation behind self harm

In my paper, I aim to explain why those with mental illness use self harm as a way out of feelings of stress, sadness, anxiety, etc. Something that seems so blatantly damaging to oneself, is alluring to some… but why? How did we deceive ourselves into thinking hurting ourselves will help us? Personally, I can relate to a lot of the reasons stated by those interviewed. I will pick a few of my top general reasonings and explore deeper about what goes through my mind. I want to show how you are not alone with your thoughts. You are not so far out/abnormal, a bad person, nor are you crazy. Many people have felt the same things you have
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