Annotated Bibliography: In Search Of The Fog Zombie

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Annotated Bibliography Beauregard, Lynda, and Der-shing Helmer. In Search of the Fog Zombie: A Mystery about Matter. Minneapolis: Graphic Universe, 2012. Print. This graphic novel is 48 pages. It contains a story, four science experiments, a glossary of terms and notes from the author. It smoothly intertwines scientific concepts with a captivating mystery appropriate for elementary age students. The story line is exceptional because it uses science based clues elude to the answer of the mystery while readers are left racking their brains to figure out the truth about the fog zombie. I love the way science propels the plot and also solves the mystery in the end. I chose this book because it has the classic illustrations and entertaining interactions you would expect from this popular fictional genre. It goes right along with the unit I am planning. Throughout my lesson sequence I want my students to feel like the characters in the story, observing scientific happenings around them, discovering things about the world. Boothroyd, Jennifer. What…show more content…
First it is organized into one chapter for each state of matter. Then it then has two additional chapters, one explaining the transition between states of matter and one hiliting the uses of each state. This resource rich book includes all of the necessary information to serve as a science reference for all three states of matter. It uses scientific terms yet keeps the text simple and clear. This book is also filled with fantastic pictures showing a variety of real world examples and up close scenarios where solids, liquids and gasses are in their transition phase. I think this book is exceptional because it the only one I could locate that included stories about the scientists and inventors who discovered the scientific principles we rely upon today. It also has a detailed index, glossary and timeline of applicable scientific
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