Annotated Bibliography Of President Trump

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Annotated Bibliography In his article “Outlook for healthcare under a President Trump” Dr. Charles J. Lockwood describes the way he believes President Trump will take healthcare. He argues that the President’s new policies will cause many problems throughout society on many levels. President Trump has decided that many factors of healthcare and insurance can be eliminated. He says pre-existing medical conditions can now be denied by insurance companies. Another major point Lockwood made was that President Trump would be terminating the requirement of health insurance because he does not agree with the amount of money being paid to insurance companies to offer premiums to low income or young customers. Lockwood says we should expect to lose all federal support for Medicare and Medicaid, which is currently helping thousands of people. By cutting out these programs, it not only hurts the customers but also the hospital employees. Growing up in a family of medical professionals, Lockwood points out a perspective that usually goes unseen. While the families impacted largely are those…show more content…
One of the author’s reasoning for how taking away ACA would affect Medicaid is back in 2016 legislation tried to step away from it, but former President Barack Obama repealed it because could eventually affect the lives of millions of people. The authors also cover how ACA changed Medicaid for the better, for example creating a program for just children’s coverage, inventing a new method to determine eligibility, and even creating new benefit options for families and small businesses. The author describes how the new Presidential administration can repeal or alter Medicaid through Section 1115. The authors main argument is that by repealing ACA would eliminate the Medicaid system which in turn will allow millions of people to be
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