Annotated Bibliography Of Purple Hibiscus

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Dr. Marlene Allen
LIT 300
27 November 2016
Annotated Bibliography

Ann, Ibeku Ijeoma. "Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus and the Issue of Feminism in African Novel." Journal of Literature and Art Studies, 2015, pp. 426-437. Adichie 's Purple Hibiscus is a women 's activist work that difficulties the dehumanizing inclinations of the menfolk as clear in the character of Mama (Beatrice Achike) who in the long run uncovered the African origination of a perfect lady who keeps stupid even notwithstanding mortification, exploitation, and ruthlessness in order to be seen as a decent lady. We will put forth a resonating defense to depict that Achike has a place with the class of liberal woman 's rights. In any case, as occasions unfurls, she was constrained by circumstances outside her ability to control to react and go radical keeping in mind the end goal to smash anything that stands in her approach to joy. This paper in investigating the diverse fundamentals of woman 's rights will recognize that radical women 's liberation is an off shoot of brutality. We should contend that radical women 's liberation is a radical response to dehumanization, mortification, and brutality. This study looks to address the issue of woman 's rights and how characters ' subject to arrangement of mortification that prompts to a radical way to deal with pick up their opportunity.
DeFonza. "Aunty Ifeoma and Beatrice: Diverging Paradigms of Postcolonial Feminism." n.d.,
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