Annotated Bibliography Of Slavery Today

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Mallory Bruns Prof. Wall English 2327-001 31 October 2014 Annotated Bibliography Bales, Kevin, and Becky Cornell. Slavery Today. Canada: Groundwood Brooks, 2008. Print. In Slavery Today Kevin Bales and Becky Cornell reveal and focus on the slavery that is still happening today in the world. Surprisingly, the same brutality and total control that slaves have suffered for centuries still remains in parts of the world. Bales and Cornell discuss strategies needed to end slavery once and for all. I will use this selection to bring in examples of todays slavery and how it never really came to a complete end. The theme of slavery still, to this day, remains and the world doesn’t need to remain shy on this brutal topic. Gaspar, David Barry, and Darlene Clark Hine. Black Women and Slavery in the Americas: More Than Chattel. Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 1996. Print. David Gaspar and Darlene Hine evaluate similarities and contrasts in the role of gender in different slave societies. Together, they create a novel on the topics of contrasts such as, Africa and the Americas, life and labor, and slavery, resistance, and freedom. What harsh conditions did these poor women go through? This book explains an African American woman’s life from experiencing slavery first-hand, to, at last, freedom. I will use examples of the harsh encounters Gaspar and Hine explain throughout this novel to support my main topic of my thesis; the theme of the corrupt power of slavery Harriet Jacob
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