How Are The Atomic Bombs In World War 2 Justified

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February 22, 2018
Annotated Bibliography: Was dropping the atomic bombs in World War II justified?
Bernstein, Barton J. "A Postwar Myth: 500,000 U.S. Lives Saved." Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, vol. 42, no. 6, Jun/Jul1986, pp. 38-40. EBSCOhost,

Barton J. Bernstein reports, that top military people never believed an invasion would cost that many lives. Military planners set the number at 46,000 and sometimes it was as low as 20,000 American lives. Winston Churchill said that the atomic bombs saved 1,200,000 allied lives. After President Truman’s book came out it said that half a million American lives were saved. World War II was very bloody, especially in the islands. In February and March of 1945, there was a battle of Iwo Jima 80,000 Americans fought and 6,281 were killed and 19,000 were injured. Military planners estimated that at
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The bomb was released 15,000 feet above the ground for the maximum destruction. The bomb had many lasting effects. One effect was Leukemia. Leukemia was the deadliest out of the lasting effects. Leukemia started to rise 2 years after the bomb dropped. Another effect was Anemia. Anemia is where your body doesn’t create enough red blood cells. Another effect was Cataracts. Cataracts are when your vision becomes foggy. It was found as a big issue 3 years after the bomb had dropped. Another effect was Keloids. It developed a year after the bomb dropped. It was believed to be caused by radiation. Keloids are where scars heal too much and it can cause abnormal growth. The last effect is Birth Complications. Nagasaki had a very high number of infant and neonatal deaths. If the mom was within 2 kilometers of the blow this was likely to occur. If the babies did survive they would most likely have cognitive
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