Annotated Bibliography On Abortion

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Annotated Bibliography
Alvargonzález, D. (2017). Knowledge and attitudes about abortion among undergraduate students. Psicothema, 29(5), 520-526. doi:10.7334/psicothema2017.58
This journal explains the process of a study done at the University of Oviedo concerning attitudes towards abortion. A total of 1025 undergraduate students were studied in September and December of 2015. They were surveyed and placed into two groups: anti-abortion and pro-abortion. The author, David Alvargonzález, wrote that two groups were influenced by certain majors and religious beliefs. Alvargonzález is affiliated with the University of Oviedo.

Christensen, J. & Hernandez, S. (2017, June 23) This is America on drugs: A visual guide. CNN. Retrieved from overdose-deaths-visual-guide/index.html
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The article contains direct quotes from the interview, along with reactions from Senator Claire McCaskill. Since the article has been published, an additional section was added quoting Akin’s statement on the issue. Author, Gentilviso, is a politics editor and writer for The Huffington Post. He is a grad-fellow at UNC MJ- school and alum of Medill NU.

Haltiwanger J. (2017, September 11) Is America safer from terrorism 16 years after 9/11? Newsweek. Retrieved from 911-662936?scrlybrkr=7be29637 This article discusses how safe the United States is sixteen years after the 9/11 attack. Specifically, the question wondering if all the money and time spent on security and prevention has been worth it. The article was written by John Haltiwanger on September 11th, 2017. Haltiwanger is journalist and breaking news writer for Newsweek. He specifically covers defense and foreign affairs.

Manning, L. (2011, August 31) Excerpt: Against all odds, a story of survival on 9/11. Time. Retrieved from
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Peter Bergen is a journalist, producer, vice president of New America, a national security analyst for CNN, and a best-selling author. Albert Ford is a program associate for the International Security and Fellows programs at New America. Alyssa Sims is also a program associate for the International Security program. David Sterman works as a policy analyst for the International Security program.

NIDA. (2015, June 25). Nationwide trends. NIH. Retrieved from on 2018, February 1
This article displays the results and data obtained by a study done on the use of drugs in the United States. The study was done by the SAMHSA and surveyed American ages twelve and older. The survey obtained data on the use and dependence of certain drugs. Illicit drugs, alcohol, and tobacco were the focus of the study. No specific author could be found. The article looks to have been written by NIDA staff.

Ravitz, J. (2016, June 27) The surprising history of abortion in the United States. CNN. Retrieved from
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