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Annotated Bibliography Alvargonzález, D. (2017). Knowledge and attitudes about abortion among undergraduate students. Psicothema, 29(5), 520-526. doi:10.7334/psicothema2017.58 This journal explains the process of a study done at the University of Oviedo concerning attitudes towards abortion. A total of 1025 undergraduate students were studied in September and December of 2015. They were surveyed and placed into two groups: anti-abortion and pro-abortion. The author, David Alvargonzález, wrote that two groups were influenced by certain majors and religious beliefs. Alvargonzález is affiliated with the University of Oviedo. Christensen, J. & Hernandez, S. (2017, June 23) This is America on drugs: A visual guide. CNN. Retrieved from overdose-deaths-visual-guide/index.html This article describes the severity of drug use in the United States. Several tables and graphs are displayed to show the amount of fatal drug overdoses. The authors compare the data by states, increase in years and to other accidental deaths. Author, Jen Christensen, is a producer and editor for CNN’s health, medical, and wellness unit. Along with that she also analyzes and reports data to CNN. No other information about Sergio Hernandez could be found, other than he writes for CNN. CNN Library. (2017, December 18) US terrorist attacks fast facts. CNN. Retrieved from

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