Air Pollution: Annotated Bibliography

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Environment: Air Pollution
Annotated Bibliography
Holden C. Edmonds
COMM 2367: Persuasive Communication
TR 8:00-9:20
Kristie Sigler
September 5, 2016 Environment: Air Pollution
Annotated Bibliography
Newspaper or Periodical
Hawthorne, M. (2011, April 1). High levels of toxic lead found in air outside Chicago school. The Chicago Tribune. Retrieved from met-pilsen-lead-problems-20110331- story.html Hawthorne’s article presents an example of the dangers of polluted air. The article focuses on a Chicago elementary school, where lead levels in the air were found to be more than 10 times the health standard. Compared to other findings from nearby areas, the readings from the school were much …show more content…

The article also points out the long-term damage that can be done to children, stemming directly from the pollutants as well as considering the indirect negative impact that can occur, such as decreased school attendance. They reason that these pollutants can be significantly reduced through the implementation of policies that reduce pollution and, by proxy, health problems in children. I can use this source to present further evidence of the dangers of pollutants to children and their livelihoods. This can resonate within my audience as, not long ago, they themselves were children. Larr has completed a master of public health degree from Columbia University, while Neidell is an associate professor at the Department of Health Policy at Columbia University and a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. This shows that both authors have extensive experience in human health and the aspects that affect it. The article was also peer-reviewed by Mauzerall of Princeton University, giving it further …show more content…

By using data from various sources, they came to the conclusion that not only is air pollution exposure harmful to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems of the body, but that it also should be considered as a cause of inactivity in humans, as inactivity was shown to increase between 16-35% per exposure class in normal weight respondents. This article further shows evidence of the dangers of air pollution, which will be useful to show my audience that air pollution can negatively influence the activity levels of people. Also, it can show how this inactivity can cause high levels of obesity and other health problems. The source is credible because it is a peer-reviewed article published in a respected journal. Each author works in specialized fields, such as Preventive Medicine and Biometrics, and Epidemiology consult services for the United States Air

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