Annotated Bibliography On Apollo 13

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Annotated Bibliography: Trevor Hudock, Apollo 13

Atkinson, Nancy. "13 Things That Saved Apollo 13, Part 1: Timing."Universe Today. 09 Apr. 2010. 30 Sept. 2015.

April 13, 1970 was the night the oxygen tank in Apollo 13 exploded, 55 hours, 55 minutes away from Earth. If Apollo 13 was any further away at the time of the incident, the astronauts most likely would’ve not survived. The issue was that the O2 tank was not designed properly by the manufacturer, and that when they conducted a stir of the O2 tank it exploded.

Dunbar, Brian. "Apollo 13." NASA, 8 July 2009. 30 Sept. 2015.

A first hand account of the commander of Jim, Lovell tells how failure was not an option for him, that he’d never forget how Earth looked from a spacecraft window, and that he thought he would never go home again.

NASA. “Apollo 13 Mission Hearing” NASA, 24 April 1970. 30 Sept. 2015. …show more content…


This transcript holds all of the words spoken from the ground to the air to and from Apollo 13. Since it holds these words, you can read what was happening at every hour and minute.

Cooper, Henry. Thirteen, The Apollo Flight That Failed. Baltimore, NY: John Hopkins University, 1995.

The book tells what was taking place before the malfunction occured in Apollo 13 's oxygen tank. It tells how nobody in the spacecraft realized that the oxygen tank had an issue. Later the book says the spacecraft’s surgeon noticed that the heartrate’s of all three of the astronauts had increased significantly.

LPR. "Apollo 13 Emergency Landing" LPR, N.A. 14 Oct. 2015.

The web source says how there was damage to the service module which caused loss of power, oxygen, and water. It also says how the astronauts had to use the lunar module as a lifeboat to land in the ocean because it had remaining oxygen.

Tripod. "Apollo 13 Accident" Tripod, N.A. 14 Oct.

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