Annotated Bibliography On Blackshields, Daniel And Teaching And Learning

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Michael Tran English Composition and Rhetoric 1010 Dr. Robin Runia 29 October 2015 Annotated Bibliography Blackshields, Daniel, and Teaching and Learning (NAIRTL) (Ireland) National Academy for Integration of Research. "Making Connections For Mindful Inquiry: Using Reflective Journals To Scaffold An Autobiographical Approach To Learning In Economics." National Academy For Integration Of Research, Teaching And Learning (2009): ERIC. Web. 29 Oct. 2015. Critical thinking is defined as the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement. Making connections from one thing to another is a skill critical thinking entails. In this article, students were given the assignment of reflective journaling throughout their economics course. This assignment gave students the opportunity to express how they felt about the class and the opportunity to work on their critical thinking skills by not just reflecting on the course, but also by making connections between the class and another part of their lives. One student credited the assignment for boosting his/her self-confidence by making him/her believing in his/her beliefs more strongly. Another student said that the reflective journal made said student reevaluate his/her thinking process and what about it needs to be improved. By writing reflective journals about the impact their course had on them, the students were able to enhance their critical thinking skills at the same time. This article will be a great

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