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The controversy of Criminal Justice: The use of force by police An Annotated Bibliography Brandl, Steven. “Re: Question in regards to Criminal Justice.” Received by author, 20 April 2017. This email has Professor Steven Brandl, discussing a key controversy for Criminal Justice. Professor Brandl has a PH. D in Social Science. Professor Brandl is a current professor at UW Milwaukee and has extensive knowledge in the field of Criminal Justice. Brandl mentions in the email how someone can always dislike a police officer and choices made by police are heavily criticized. This relates to the issues of what is proper use of force by police. This source does not take side of the controversy, but simply states it. Carter, Scott, et al. “Racial Resentment…show more content…
“Police Use of Force: Assessing Necessity and Proportionality.” Alberta Law Review, vol. 53, no. 3, March 2016, pp. 663-679. Academic Search Complete,,ip,cpid&custid=s5805083&db=a9h&AN=114568144&site=ehost-live&scope=site. Accessed 21 April 2017. This article from author Kevin CYR addresses the importance of police use of force and argues the importance on having police use of force as a necessary part of law enforcement. It intends to have a wide spread audience to address the issue. The Article breaks the issue into four major parts such as necessity, Proportionality, lawfulness, and reasonableness to make their argument on police use of force. The Author uses many sources and evidence to support their claims. Most information in the article are gathered from police code of conduct and from Use of force model. These sources aim to support the idea that use of force is necessary in the police force. While the claim is to have use of force for police, they also argue that it needs to be controlled and choice to use force made…show more content…
Palmiotto focuses on the uses force and the effects it can have in social, criminal, and human rights. Palmiotto is also a professor and has a PH. D in Criminal Justice in the School of Community Affairs, showing the authority in the book he has for his thoughts and viewpoints. The audience pertains to anyone as it addressed as a national issue. Many of the chapters of the author focuses on racism and profiling which Palmiotto addresses as major concern. The author also takes focus on addressing the occurrence of both deadly and non-deadly use of force and how both are being used by the police. Psychological aspect is also explored by the author in concern with the use of force. It takes the side of restricting use of force by the police reform which relates to another source on taking the same

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