Annotated Bibliography On Education

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Jill Staat


December 12, 2016

Annotated Bibliography 3

Mastropieri, M. A., Scruggs, T. E., Norland, J. J., Berkeley, S., McDuffie, K., Tornquist, E.H., &

Connors, N. (2006). Differentiated curriculum enhancement in inclusive middle school

science: Effects on classroom and high-stakes tests. The Journal of Special

Education, 40(3), 130-137.

This research study compared measurable outcomes associated with class-wide peer tutoring using differentiated hands-on activities vs. teacher-directed instruction for students with mild disabilities in an inclusive 8th-grade science classes. Thirteen classes of 213 students (109 males; 104 females), of whom 44 were classified with disabilities, participated in 12-week sessions in a

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