Annotated Bibliography On Fast Fashion

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Second Assignment – Annotated Bibliography and Thesis Statement by Cheryl Chi Yue Leung (214185045) York University NATS 1840 15th January 2016 Thesis: How material elements of the modern fast fashion practice reinforce the meanings of unethical production, and thus explain low prices come with low product quality and negative environmental and social impacts Annotated Bibliography 1) Anguelov, N. CRC Press. (September 2015) The dirty side of the garment Industry: fast fashion and its negative impact on environment and society. Anguelov’s book is a general ethical aspect of developing overconsumption through explaining the correlation between fast fashion and ecosystem resolution from the large scale of producing and high rate of discarding old clothes. Fast fashion clothes are manufactured using inorganic, synthetic and artificial materials. The production of fast fashion clothing is a serious expert of deadly carbon diffusions. It requires large amounts of oil and produce nasty byproducts during chemical and energy demanding processes, which eventually get into the water. On the other hand, Anguelov argues that the issue is not only the resource strain caused by manufacturing but also people throwing away their used clothes, as the fashion trend changes very rapidly, then clothing also becomes unfashionable and unwearable that people end up getting rid a lot of unwanted clothing. Instead of recycling their unwanted and undesirable apparel, it is

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