Anthropology Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Katso Sebina
Anthropology Annotated Bibliography
An annotated bibliography discussing the different perspectives of female circumcision
This bibliography discusses the different anthropological aspects of female circumcision, which mostly occurs in Northern Africa. The different sources show that female circumcision is closely tied to religion, particularly Islam, and does not only occur in Northern Africa. Some are heavily against the practice; while others believe that it is necessary due to hygienic factors.
Silverman, Eric K. "Anthropology And Circumcision | Annual Review Of Anthropology". N.p., 2017. Web. 28 Feb. 2017.
This text deals with different aspects of female circumcision within the field of anthropology. For example, different terminology evokes different responses from the general public. “Female genital mutilation” receives very negative responses, while “female
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Shell-Duncan is part of a working project that aims to reduce Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in ten countries, through the course of the next five years, by 30%. Shell-Duncan states that female circumcision is largely propagated by elderly women and not men. Contrary to popular belief, some young girls willfully participate in the ritual of female circumcision. The main focus is that women and young girls partake in this practice because it is the norm. Most of these women cannot escape this practice as religion and social norms have institutionalised it. Shell-Duncan states that female circumcision is not based on virginity or sexual pleasure because Rendille men and women are sexually active before marriage. The importance of female circumcision stems from wanting to be inducted into the female network of circumcised women who are regarded as wholly formed women. Female circumcision is seen as “women’s business” and thus only women should have a say in the
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