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Annotated Bibliography

Fry, Stephen, “The Internet is Changing Social Lives” What Matters in America: Reading and
Writing about Contemporary Culture. 3rd Edition. Gary Goshgarian. New York: Pearson,
2012. Print.
Stephen Fry talks about how the web generally upgrade and social media sites have become a well user generated content and billions of people have contributed to it with music, videos, and photos. Fry states that Social media websites have become a lifestyle for people due to its ease of access to connect with another person. Fry further states that this have become of everyday life and which it has become a revolving cycle to everyday life because technology never fully changes and history always repeats itself. Fry provides examples
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A huge portion of research exists on systems designed to help users in changing their behaviors. These systems focus on multiple users to monitor their behavioral status. As supporting background for this theme issue, this article presents a literature review on behavior change support systems that focus on social interaction and reflection. The review highlights five key approaches amongst these systems: social traces, social support, collective use, reflection-in-action, and reflection-on-action. Each approach offers unique benefits, but also challenges for the design of behavior change support systems. We highlight how the articles in this theme issue contribute to our current understanding of these five approaches, and beyond that, set out some broad directions for future work. The Arthur studied upon the influences of social media and how it influences a person’s behavior, it states that these supports systems ranges from social trends of other people’s activities that inspire other people’s intentions to portrait collectively. The article also speaks of benefits that these traces can provide an awareness of issues that concerned behavioral changes as well as impact collective behavior changes. This is perfect for my paper because it provides theories that backs up why people’s behavior changes whenever they get around others and how these social trends fully effects a…show more content…
He states that the change has two aspects that affect society, the first being how it has changed people, and the second is how it has deprived sleep from people. He concludes by saying that nothing will change as technology continue to change over and over again and the technology of the future will continue to need small but critical parts of heritage to live on. This is a good source because Tenner goes into full detail about how the National Sleep Foundation, did a report on how Americans are getting 20 percent less sleep than they did a century ago. They provide the report that states that the Web encourages long hours even more than television because it is fastest late at night. And the pace of competition requires more people to support the 24-hour, 7-day-a-week style of electronic commerce, and also that the companies have now developed a “Sleep When Your Dead.” rule that forces more hours upon workers to make them work longer. I will use this in my paper to show how it effects people mentally. And also because it provides many theories about way technology is depriving people of sleep and how companies have begun to adapt to these lifestyles to benefit their
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