Annotated Bibliography On Racial Profiling

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Isaiah Hart Jennings Eng 1020 11/7/16 Annotated bibliography Leder , Drew. "Guns and voices.": 82+. Academic OneFile. Web. 19 Mar. 2013 In this article, they don’t use the opinions of the people in the jail ,but they base it off the crimes they committed themselves. They ask about their different experiences that had with cops because of their situation. The inmates talked about how racial profiling came into play and other issues like that only came into play in lower income areas. They talked about how smaller communities were already put in these situations just because of there circumstances. This will be a very useful source because these inmates are experienced with the police. Holmes, Malcolm D. "Minority threat and police brutality: …show more content…

Czech in the interview talks about how he was taking a video of police arresting a man and surrounding him as they were taking him into custody. He talks about how police were abusing the man in custody and how after the video was sent out how they were secretly trying to speak with him. This is good evidence from a first person point of view. “US Official News”, September 17, 2014 Wednesday, 469 …show more content…

It had been reported that an 18 year old African American had been shot dead by a police officer under reasonable suspicion. So where in the line drawn when it comes to a police officer because the 18 year old had been unarmed but had been in a wrestle with the officer before he had been shot. This give great incite on how far and officer should be able to go. The Gazette (Montreal), March 16, 2007 Friday, NEWS; Pg. A6, 476 words, MAX HARROLD, The Gazette This article talks about how 400 people had stormed through the streets in Montreal. This was a protest against police brutality through the world and they were rioting in Montreal blocking traffic and going rapidly through neighborhoods. During this protest 15 people were arrested and 8 of them were minors. This is were 25 year old Mohamed-Anas Bennis was shot dead by police during the protest. The officer that shot him was never charged for murder. This gives good evidence that officers can get away with things like this. The Vancouver Sun (British Columbia), October 30, 2003 Thursday Final Edition, News; Pg. B5, 719 words, Matthew

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