Annotated Bibliography On Guns And Voices

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Isaiah Hart Jennings Eng 1020 11/7/16 Annotated bibliography Leder , Drew. "Guns and voices.": 82+. Academic OneFile. Web. 19 Mar. 2013 In this article, they don’t use the opinions of the people in the jail ,but they base it off the crimes they committed themselves. They ask about their different experiences that had with cops because of their situation. The inmates talked about how racial profiling came into play and other issues like that only came into play in lower income areas. They talked about how smaller communities were already put in these situations just because of there circumstances. This will be a very useful source because these inmates are experienced with the police. Holmes, Malcolm D. "Minority threat and police brutality: Determinants of civil rights criminal complaints in U.S. municipalities." Scholarly Journals (2000): 25. Holmes talks about how police act toward minority groups and with each group comes different police violence. He say that police are most violent to minority groups that they think are most dangerous. Basically he thinks maybe the government is somewhat involved with these acts of violence toward these groups just so they can control these particular minority groups. This gives great evidence on how a minority can be targeted by police. Beach, Bennett H, Hollis Evans and J. Madeleine Nash. "Accidents or Police Brutality." Time Magazine 26 October 1982: 70. This magazine article talks

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