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Appendix A: Annotated Bibliography Ahuvia, A. C., & Wong, N. Y. (2002). Personality and values based materialism: Their relationship and origins. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 12(4), 389-402. doi:10.1207/15327660260382414 The causes of materialism were defined by the work of both Belk and Richins. Belk 's ideas on materialism emphasizes the importance of personality. He identified four personality traits: envy, non-generosity, possessiveness, and preservation that can cause materialism. But Richins defines materialism as a personal value. Ahuvia and Wong surveyed 287 undergraduates from American colleges who completed surveys on personal values, materialism, personality materialism, deprivation during childhood and adolescence, life satisfaction, influential social settings, and socioeconomic status. Findings showed that early childhood emotional experiences and the social influence of family and peers on development predicts both Belk 's and Richins 's materialism and shape materialistic personalities. This article was important to my thesis because it emphasized both personality traits and personal values. It also contributed to my thesis and the section on children because of the researchers? emphasis on the influence of family and peers to shape materialistic values and that parenting styles and values can cause materialism later in life. Bauer, M. A., Wilkie, J. B., Kim, J. K., & Bodenhausen, G. V. (2012). Cuing consumerism: Situational materialism

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