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2. Annotated Bibliography 2.1. Identification of issue or problem (affecting the delivery method) in the organisation: • Resource 2.1.1: Wateridge, J 1995, ‘IT projects: a basis for success’, International Journal of Project Management, vol. 13, no. 3, June 1995, pp 169-172. This academic research paper investigates the key criteria on which the success of projects are judged, and the factors that influence that success or lead to failure. Wateridge, a PHD researcher in the field of IT, proposes a set of key criteria, or critical success factors, by which the success of projects can be determined. A survey of relevant literature was compared to extensive personal research conducted by the author, making up the basis of the findings presented…show more content…
The authors intend to convince the reader that stakeholder management needs to be more broadly focused on engagement in order to move projects from installation to implementation. Instead of being purely hierarchically focused project teams needs to take into account the fluid political nature of organizations, both internal and external. Projects that start with the premise that identifying a range of stakeholders and engaging with them in a consistent and organized manner will improve project success, according the propositions made in this paper. The authors state that stakeholder management processes have regularly failed to take into account the dynamic nature of the stakeholders’ commitment to a project and the relationships between different stakeholders as a project progresses. By having project teams focused not only on their own stakeholder role, but also communicating with other key stakeholders in a project and how they interact, project teams will experience more consistent success and achievement of project…show more content…
So much so that (PMI, 2013) has devoted a complete new chapter to stakeholder management. It is therefore imperative that in order for projects to be successful, especially in a program or portfolio, stakeholders need to be identified and involved as team members and being held accountable from the earliest stages of projects. Procedures and systems for identifying, analysing and managing of the stakeholders through all stages of projects need to be in place before projects commence. The literature in this document provides good guidelines to implement these and make them part of portfolio, program and project management

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